What Sam stands for

A friend recently challenged me to summarize my positions on issues facing the legislature. Since I have already posted general statements about where I come from, and what I believe in, I thought it was fair to ask for specifics, so, in 250 words or less, here is how I would approach some issues the Legislature faces:

Education. Our kids are our only savings plan for the future. For our kids to have opportunities to be successful in life, we must invest in their opportunities to become well educated. A “good education” comes from a system that nurtures literate and inquisitive productive citizens.

Budget. Our government was formed to provide certain necessary functions. To do that better - to educate, build, maintain, administer, regulate, protect, or prohibit better- there needs be a stable financial framework and budgeting process. Since our savings have already almost been spent, we need sustainable and adequate revenues to pay for our necessary budgeted expenses.

Crime. We need an adequately funded and staffed criminal justice system; police, prosecutors, public defenders, judges, court staff, corrections and parole officers. Beyond that we should identify the sources and causes of increased criminal behavior to effectively reduce crime. At some point, a proactive crime prevention program becomes a more efficient use of tax dollars than increased police presence.

Permanent Fund Dividend. The PFD needs to be protected. This is our Alaska and the PFD insures that we all share that blessing. It is also a very efficient boost to the economy and is tremendously important to maintaining a healthy private sector, which helps reduce the need for more government services.

Other. We need a capital budget. Real health care reform means more people have access, not fewer. University research should be encouraged. Pro family, pro union, pro choices. Please vote Sam for Senate!